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How VC’s view your International Expansion Plans…

We’ve all been involved at some point with exciting tech companies — from the start-ups trying to gain traction, to the scale-ups negotiating their paths through the next phase. We’ve been captivated by the buzz, the drive and the belief these guys radiate in evangelizing their new visions for the future, developing entirely new playing fields or just new and better ways of navigating existing ones.

Is low-touch localization the answer for over-stretched software teams?

Low-Touch Localization (LTL) may not be as sexy as the concept of continuous localization, but it shares some similarities — mainly in terms of the technologies and processes involved. The two aren’t mutually exclusive and it’s quite common to combine LTL with continuous localization in one form or another.

Taking the stress out of SaaS localisation…

I think we’d all agree that positive user experience and ease of use are central to every SaaS provider’s mission. As someone who’s spent the last 15 years involved with cloud services — either marketing them, providing services to their creators, or managing the move from on-premise to cloud all those years ago, it’s a concept that I’m very comfortable with.

What Is Translation Memory?

Translation Memories (TM’s) are libraries of historic translated strings, stored by language, that we build up in our translation workbench tools every time we perform a piece of translation work for a client. In general, TM’s are built up over time as we do continued volumes of work for our clients. As such, the efficiencies […]