4 things to consider when starting a new localisation program…

For many people, the first time they think about localisation is when their boss asks them to take responsibility for the program, often in the absence of any other volunteer.

Been there, done that. The SaaS leaders who really ‘get’ international…

For those founders and executives taking a strategic approach to international growth, it can be tough to find neutral opinions and data to research how others achieved their international goals.

Multilingual maturity in Scaling SaaS Businesses

For over a decade we’ve worked with some of the biggest names in SaaS and cloud computing. Over that time you get a pretty clear view of how organizations in this space evolve in terms of their international efforts, and how the most successful set themselves up.

Are your expectations high enough?

Every buyer of localization services has their own expectations. I’m sure you do too — whether you represent a young software business just starting out, or an enterprise player with an established international presence.

Taking SaaS products global — the localisation mistakes to avoid…

You’ve reached the stage where it’s time to push out into international markets and localise your software product — what could possibly go wrong?

Is your global strategy putting your IP at risk?

You don’t need me to tell you how important intellectual property (IP) is to any technology firm. At every growth stage, IP is key.

Localisation gripes you might just recognise…

As you’d expect, we spend a lot of time talking to people. It’s in our DNA. We speak to our clients virtually every day, and we speak to prospective clients all the time.

5 common questions about localisation…

There comes a point when most technology businesses will make plans to expand internationally.

What type of localisation partner will help you meet your expansion goals?

You’ve just raised a round of funding and the future’s looking bright, exciting, and just a little bit… what’s the word?