Data Analytics

Big Data

Companies across the world are increasingly looking for ways to extract more value from their big data assets. Analytics are driving corporate decisions, providing global visibility, optimising networks and improving operations across the enterprise.

Iota helps leading analytics providers localise and adapt their software, web, and marketing assets to meet the growing demand from international customers.

Global Insight

Big data drives business-critical decisions. Users of analytics software expect clarity, insight and precision. International users expect no less and are acutely sensitive to language, imagery, and terminology that was not created with them in mind.

It takes more than translation for a sophisticated analytics product created in San Francisco to be deployed successfully in a city like Tokyo or Berlin. We help you maximise user adoption and acceptance whilst increasing revenues across your non-English speaking markets.


Tailored Solutions

One of the primary challenges when localising analytics software is the diverse and evolving nature of the product itself. Requirements vary from vast repositories of context-free data that are well-suited to machine translation, to UI strings and help files that require meticulous and nuanced translation by the best human linguists available.

We’ve overcome similar challenges for some of the world’s most high-profile analytics companies and helped them achieve market leadership in their key international markets.

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