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Why Translator Relationships Matter…

At Iota we focus on developing long-term relationships with our in-country translation partners. Here’s why it matters so much…

Welcome Aoife and Laura!

Postgraduate Translation Studies students Aoife O’Donnell and Laura Reidy join the Iota team from Dublin City University to gain hands-on experience of the localization industry.

Language, lexicon, localization — and why it matters…

Many articles have been written about the differences between translation and localization — and let’s be honest, very few people really give a damn what they are. Here’s why it’s important you know.

Should Instinct Or Data Drive Your Localization Decisions?

Should you rely on instinct or use data to drive localization decisions? Whether you’re building your first localization program or expanding your reach, the right data can help you meet your objectives.

Keeping Your Global Fintech Compliant

In a highly regulated fintech environment where information disclosure, wording, and accuracy are key, there is simply no room for translation mistakes.

The Role of Translation Technology

If you believe the hype, machine translation will soon lead to the extinction of human translators, and all software localization will be fully automated. What’s the reality?

Taking Your Fintech Product Global

The localization of a fintech product isn’t as simple as it might seem. Choosing translators with the right knowledge of both finance and software is key…

Product Localisation – PRTG Network Monitor

The localisation journey that Paessler AG has taken to transform it’s PRTG Network Monitoring product into one of the most widely used and respected network monitoring solutions in the world today.

Is bigger better when choosing a localization partner?

Choosing the largest, most high-profile localization provider can be a mistake for software companies that need flexibility and support as they grow.

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