Technical Documentation

Always Accurate

We translate millions of words of technical content each year. Each software product we localize will usually be supported by a range of help files, knowledgebase (KB) articles, and technical documents – all of which need to be accurately translated to support users across the globe.

Multiple Sources

Whatever your authoring and publishing platform, you can be sure we will be able to work with your content in its native format. Whether you use an XML authoring tool, dabble with DITA, or use a SaaS-based knowledgebase solution to support your users, we can work with you to localize all your technical assets effectively.

Trusted Terminology

With extensive experience across the technology and software space, we are used to handling complex terminology. Using a combination of sector-specific linguists, terminology management tools, translation memory (TM) and personalized project management, you can be sure that your sector- specific and proprietary terminology will be translated appropriately and consistently over time.