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Welcome Carlos Teixeira

Over the Summer we were pleased to welcome Carlos Teixeira to Iota, where he has joined our rapidly expanding localization engineering team.

When is a correct translation the wrong translation?

Speak to any SaaS executive setting up a localization program and you’re almost certain to find yourself talking about terminology at some point.

4 things to consider when starting a new localisation program…

For many people, the first time they think about localisation is when their boss asks them to take responsibility for the program, often in the absence of any other volunteer.

How not to waste your money on localization…

We might spend our days helping technology companies succeed in new markets, but it’s important to recognize that international expansion isn’t the holy grail for everyone. At least, it might not be the best move for your business right now.

What do you know about the translators working on your stuff….?

It’s a question that might not apply to you. You may know the translators working on your projects very well and go out for drinks with them every week.But the chances are you don’t know them. Or you think you do, and the reality is very different.

What’s the best way to set up a software localization program?

Simple answer — there isn’t one. A generic ‘best way’ that is. Don’t trust anyone who tells you otherwise. The key is not to seek out ‘the best way’, and instead to look at setting up a localization program that’s most suited to your business, your objectives, and your current growth stage.

Where does pseudo-translation fit in to the localisation process?

The holy grail of software development is predictability. No-one likes surprises, especially those that crop up just a few days before a major release is due. Delayed releases can have major commercial and financial implications as well as impacting on the reputation of your brand.

Where did your words end up? Do you know? Does it matter?

I am a member of an interesting group on LinkedIn, which largely relies on its input from translators who have a negative story to tell about the LSPs (Language Service Providers) they work for. Basically a story will start along the lines of “you won’t believe what XXX have asked me to do, and for how much….”.

Should instinct or data drive your localization decisions?

Every technology organization and founder will have a different definition of success as they see it. Whatever your success metrics look like, there’s a good chance that the development of an international user-base will feature somewhere along the line.

State of the Nation Address…

BIG day at Iota earlier this week… News came through of a big jump in our position in the annual CSA Global Top 100 Language Service Providers list for 2017 — up 16 places!