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A Call-Out to the VC Community: How geared up (really) is your portfolio for International Market Development?

I caught up with a recently on-boarded client last week to see what kind of traction their product was getting in Europe — Germany specifically.

5 things you should consider when choosing a new translation tool

Choosing a new translation tool can have a far reaching affect on your organisation and the people who work for it. A bad decision can result in a wasted investment, unhappy localisation partners and translators, a degradation in the quality of your localised content and an inability to move on from your choice in the future.

How VC’s view your International Expansion Plans…

We’ve all been involved at some point with exciting tech companies — from the start-ups trying to gain traction, to the scale-ups negotiating their paths through the next phase. We’ve been captivated by the buzz, the drive and the belief these guys radiate in evangelizing their new visions for the future, developing entirely new playing fields or just new and better ways of navigating existing ones.

Are your 100% match legacy translations safe to re-use?

A question that we’re often asked by translations buyers is whether it’s worth checking (and paying for) previously translated material that has been automatically flagged for re-use in a new localisation project.

Who owns your translated words — and why it matters

A question that a localisation services buyer needs to consider is who exactly owns the words they buy. The translations, in the final format, are yours of course. But what about the translation memories?

The business case behind localization…

I don’t think anyone would dispute that professional software localization can be costly — especially if your product is particularly complex, uses a lot of unusual terminology or is supported by a vast library of documentation.

Taking the stress out of SaaS localisation…

I think we’d all agree that positive user experience and ease of use are central to every SaaS provider’s mission. As someone who’s spent the last 15 years involved with cloud services — either marketing them, providing services to their creators, or managing the move from on-premise to cloud all those years ago, it’s a concept that I’m very comfortable with.

Language, lexicon, localisation — and why it matters…

Multiple articles have been written about the differences between translation and localisation — and let’s be honest, very few people really give a damn what they are.

Are your expectations high enough?

Every buyer of localization services has their own expectations. I’m sure you do too — whether you represent a young software business just starting out, or an enterprise player with an established international presence.

Taking SaaS products global — the localisation mistakes to avoid…

You’ve reached the stage where it’s time to push out into international markets and localise your software product — what could possibly go wrong?