Global Healthcare

Achieving better health is the goal of virtually every individual, government and socially aware corporation across the world. Healthtech companies face the challenge of bringing complex technology solutions to a market that is global by design.

We help healthtech and pharma companies expand successfully into new markets by adapting software, web, and marketing assets to reflect the language, expectations and culture of local users.

Local Outcomes

Healthtech has evolved out of a desire to innovate and harness the latest technology to solve complex health problems. Innovators in this space challenge the status quo and expect their partners to be equally agile in their approach.

Localization in healthtech is about more than the accurate translation of complex medical terms. It’s about achieving the same outcomes from your products and software in any region of the world.

Universal Appeal

We help you build international scale quickly by ensuring that your software looks, feels, and performs as though it was conceived for the local market. We work with some of the most successful healthcare and technology companies across the globe, including the largest pharma company in the world. We can help you too.