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When is a correct translation the wrong translation?

Speak to any SaaS executive setting up a localization program and you’re almost certain to find yourself talking about terminology at some point.

How not to waste your money on localization…

We might spend our days helping technology companies succeed in new markets, but it’s important to recognize that international expansion isn’t the holy grail for everyone. At least, it might not be the best move for your business right now.

Fintech Localization — The Next Challenge

All eyes have been on fintech in recent years. The financial sector has been ripe for disruption for a long time — all it needed was a dynamic group of innovators to come along and shake it to the core.

Been there, done that. The SaaS leaders who really ‘get’ international…

For those founders and executives taking a strategic approach to international growth, it can be tough to find neutral opinions and data to research how others achieved their international goals.

Taking your fintech global? Don’t forget the humans…

In March last year, Fintech stakeholders from every continent converged on the Guildhall in Central London for the Innovate Finance Global Summit.

Terminology and why it should differentiate your company

Depending on your industry and the languages you produce in, a terminology library can be a vital tool in creating a clear product understanding and acceptance in your target market.

What’s the best way to set up a software localization program?

Simple answer — there isn’t one. A generic ‘best way’ that is. Don’t trust anyone who tells you otherwise. The key is not to seek out ‘the best way’, and instead to look at setting up a localization program that’s most suited to your business, your objectives, and your current growth stage.

Getting maximum benefit from your localised marketing content…

Of all the types of material that we localise for companies, marketing content is perhaps the area that is most susceptible to “heated” discussion and ultimately, potential trouble.

Where did your words end up? Do you know? Does it matter?

I am a member of an interesting group on LinkedIn, which largely relies on its input from translators who have a negative story to tell about the LSPs (Language Service Providers) they work for. Basically a story will start along the lines of “you won’t believe what XXX have asked me to do, and for how much….”.

Should instinct or data drive your localization decisions?

Every technology organization and founder will have a different definition of success as they see it. Whatever your success metrics look like, there’s a good chance that the development of an international user-base will feature somewhere along the line.