Absolute Engagement

Translation is just one part of the localisation process for global e-learning solutions. Many multilingual e-learning projects fail to live up to their promise when the constituent parts are simply viewed as ‘content’ to be translated. The increasing sophistication of e-learning assets demands a more sophisticated approach as video, voiceover and gamification become central to the effective delivery of learning material.

Adapt or Die

When major corporations and e-learning providers localise existing training resources, terminology is a critical component. Training materials are often written using the terminology, slang, and internal phraseology of the HQ location that may not feel natural to users in overseas offices. At Iota we have vast experience of translating complex and often unique content with the subtlety and flair needed to deliver solid learning outcomes.

The Innovation Game.

As the technical components that make up a modern e-learning programme become more immersive and advanced, it is important that your localisation partner has a mindset to match. At Iota we’re used to working with files from tools like Adobe Captivate, Articulate Storyline and Camtasia, but we’re also very happy to support emerging technologies that leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide immersive local experiences.